ALAN THICKE – Blurred Lines (featuring T.I. and Pharrell) – Music Video (Uncensored) starring Emily Ratajkowski and h er breasts

ROBIN THICKE – Blurred Lines (featuring T.I. and Pharrell) – Music Video (Uncensored) starring Emily Ratajkowski and her breasts

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Emily Ratajkowski at the Treats! Magazine Issue 3 Launch


We’ve never given any attention or thought to Robin Thicke.  We acknowledge him as a talented performer who has successfully established his own identity well beyond the shadow cast by  his famous father.  But he’s just not our thing.  Just in the same way George Michael wouldn’t have been, were we doing this back in the ’90s.  Except for one song – Freedom ’90.

And not unlike what George Michael did with Freedom ’90 23 years ago, Robin Thicke went and made a controversially sexy video for his new single, Blurred Lines.  And, oh, those lines are getting blurry.  Thicke’s video is not in the same stratosphere as Michael’s Freedom ’90 and its lush, sensual imagery, rich textures and visual impact (just for kicks, we posted it below… and man, it’s still ridiculously hot).   Blurred Lines is campy, stark, and harshly lit.  The two videos cannot be compared on these terms.  It would be like comparing Richard Avedon with Terry Richardson.  Regardless, both videos are groundbreaking, for sure, if for different reasons.

Thicke’s new video, at least the version we write about here, is groundbreaking for one reason: It was released on You Tube and it shows bare breasts.  Lots of them.  Actually it only shows 8 breasts in total.  But it shows those 8 breasts a lot.  The two breasts it features most prominently belong to Emily Ratajkowski, the sultry Polish-American model thrust onto our radar last year by her racy nude pictorial in Treats! Magazine.  And fine breasts they are.

So we give it to you here, for your visual (if not musical) enjoyment.  It violates a ton of advertiser’s policies, so we don’t know how long we’ll be able to keep it up.  It used to be that if a video lived on You Tube, a website publisher could be comfortable that it would be acceptable to their advertisers.  Because, basically, You Tube played by the same rules for most of the same reasons.  Advertising dollars make everything go ’round.  And most big companies don’t want their logo sharing the screen with a nipple.

But at least for this moment, the lines are blurred.  Thanks Robin.


And for some wonderful old-school sensory overload, here’s George Michael’s Freedom ’90 and its cast of supermodels:

Editors Note: The uncensored version of the Blurred Lines video was taken down by You Tube less than a week after we published this.  We expected this, as any loosening of You Tubes policy regarding nudity will surely be met with significant pressure from both advertisers and consumers.  As a service to our readers – and because of the screaming popularity of this post (wink, wink) – we are leaving the uncensored version up, now hosted by vevo.  Although vevo enjoys a cooperative relationship with You Tube, it is not owned by You Tube, and does not operate under You Tube’s policies.  So, lucky us, lucky you.  Enjoy.

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