• 20140521_105

    BARBARA DESIREE KOVACH | A Dream Deferred (Gallery)

    Jul 29 • 277 Views • Comments

    I met Barbara about two years ago.  MANTRA was a new blog with big aspirations.  Barbara was a new model with a dream or two.  MANTRA and Barbara had a lot in common.  Both hailed from Cleveland.  Both setting out on a new adventure fueled by...

  • James Garner Portrait Shoot

    JAMES GARNER – A life well lived

    Jul 21 • 95 Views • Comments

    In this world, making a living at something you love is an achievement.  Earning the freedom to do it the way you believe it should be done is a remarkable accomplishment few of us can honestly claim. James Garner is one of those few.  The admired actor...

  • DSC_0841-2

    LOLA | Can’t See The Forest for the Tease | Gallery

    Jul 8 • 469 Views • Comments

    If a beautiful woman in the forest disrobes to reveal her sensual beauty… But no one is there to see it, did it really happen?  Yes.  Yes, it did. This girl is always radiant, it seems.  But put her in nature, and Lola glows brighter.  On this day,...

  • DSC_0675

    LOLA | Stars & Stripes | Life, liberty, and the pursuit of hotness

    Jul 4 • 484 Views • Comments

    As we celebrate the birth of our country on this glorious holiday weekend, we are thankful for many, many things.   The breadth of our freedom extends beyond our borders and affords liberties beyond the imagination of many.  Let us not take this for...

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ASPHYXIATION by AUTOEROTIQUE (video) | directed by Amos LeBlanc | Sexy chicks playing dodgeball to start the weekend off properly

Jul 25 • 5229 Views • Comments

It’s Friday, baby!  Let’s kick off the best day of the workweek with some dodgeball.  Not just any game of dodgeball, but a game featuring some super hot,...

GEOMETRIC PORN – Smartphone app – Visual art, or is it porn?

GEOMETRIC PORN – Smartphone app – Visual art, or is it porn?

“When Art and Pornography intersect… we’re forced to contemplate how much Art has the flavor of Porn, then dared to...

Jul 22 • 132 Views

LeBron James and Chris Bosh Text Message Conversation About Their Next Moves | via Funny or Die, by Zack...

We haven’t chimed in on the LeBron James free agency saga.  There are already too many people talking and writing about it....

Jul 11 • 197 Views

HUGS – LONELY ISLAND (featuring PHARRELL) – “Tighter than a tube top”

HUGS – LONELY ISLAND (featuring PHARRELL) – “Tighter than a tube top”

It’s Monday and you could use a hug.  So here you go.  But relax… it don’t mean nothin’. The boys of Lonely...

May 19 • 529 Views

Music Music

FUNK MY JESUS | 24k – ALL YOU NEED IS GOLD (video/short film) |An OD of cheeky funk make this little...

Jul 28 • 267 Views • Comments

Starsky & Hutch meets Boogie Nights in this hilarious, beautifully kitschy short presented by Guayabo Films and We Are Dags.  The song, 24k – All You Need...


ALT-J | HUNGER OF THE PINE | New single hints at sophomore greatness

We’ve been rocking hard lately.  This week we change the pace a bit, beginning with the highly anticipated...

Jun 25 • 143 Views

KAJA GUNNUFSEN | AU | Music video directed by Kenneth Karlstad

KAJA GUNNUFSEN | AU | Music video directed by Kenneth Karlstad

Spend five minutes right now – 3:46 watching the video, 1:14 catching your breath – and try to count the...

Jun 12 • 286 Views

Royal Blood.01

ROYAL BLOOD – COME ON OVER (Official Video) – Brit duo invades North America to rock your...

Too many cooks spoil the stew, Mom always said.  Lately it seems this folksy wisdom has made its way out of the...

May 23 • 243 Views

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